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2021 mlb season

Braves add bullpen depth with righty Ty Tice

This past Friday afternoon the Braves made an unexciting yet necessary transaction when the team acquired right-handed reliever Ty Tice from the Blue Jays in …

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2021 mlb season

The Braves desperately need Chris Martin back

Despite leading 2-0 after five innings against the Blue Jays on Tuesday, for what seems like too many times to count, the Braves found a …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: Can Ian Anderson still salvage the weekend?

This weekend has not gone as we hoped. Entering Friday’s game between the Braves and Blue Jays, many in Braves Country — including me — felt as …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: Watching Luke Jackson pitch this season has been stressful  

The weekend was started just right as the Braves picked up its second-straight win on Friday when they defeated the Diamondbacks 5-4. Atlanta’s starter Huascar …

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Atlanta Braves

Braves: Bullpen spoils another strong outing by Huascar Ynoa, Atlanta falls to Miami 5-3

With the offense surging, the Braves had a solid opportunity to do some damage against the Marlins on Monday. However, despite ten strikeouts by starter …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: Once again there are options for the ninth inning 

I basically wrote this same exact article 13 months ago, leading up to the 2020 season, just a day or so after Braves manager Brian …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: Chasen Bradford signs a minor league contract 

In another transaction meant to provide organizational pitching depth, the Braves signed 31-year-old righty Chasen Bradford on Tuesday night to a minor league contract. The …

spring training
Atlanta Braves

Braves: Is the bullpen really that big of a concern?

In the grand scheme of things, the Braves really didn’t suffer from very much turnover this offseason. And with the anticipated re-signing of Marcell Ozuna, …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: The bench and bullpen will rely on quantity rather than quality

Sometimes quality isn’t better than quantity. And for the Braves, they’ll be choosing the latter this spring as the team brings in numerous players to …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: Breaking down the minor league lottery ticket relief arms signed thus far

As Jake reported yesterday, Braves pitchers and catchers report for spring camp next Thursday (February 18), and with another small signing on Friday, GM Alex Anthopoulos is …

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