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Braves: Just pay the damn players!

There’s a ton of stuff in the works, but this is what is really getting under my skin. The owners are reneging on the original …

Will the Braves get first-half Dansby in 2020?

Braves: Baseball is still a long way from an agreement in negotiation talks

Last week, the owners’ initial offer was made public, and it wasn’t one the players were fond of. In fact, stars such as Max Scherzer …

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How the Braves are handling their minor league situation

The coronavirus impact has been felt across the world. It’s already shut down the baseball season, and now it’s beginning to ruin players’ livelihoods as …

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2020 MLB Braves mock draft candidate: Dillon Dingler

I mixed things up for this week’s mock draft preview, deciding to skip Kiley McDaniel’s mock draft 2.0 at ESPN and instead check out Eric Logenhagen’s first mock …

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MLB’s most-recent shortened season worked out well for the Braves

Twenty-five years ago, the Braves didn’t start the 1995 campaign until April 26th, thanks to the infamous player’s strike the season prior that slashed the …

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Braves: How the 2014 Ervin Santana signing paid off in more ways than one

MLB Trade Rumors released an article yesterday, “A One-Year Deal That Could Pay Off For A Decade,” painting the picture of a signing the Braves made …

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Looking at the Braves’ in-house DH options

If the Players Union and the owners can come to an agreement, and there is no substantial spike in coronavirus cases, it looks like there …

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Free Agent bats the Braves could consider with expanded rosters

Luckily, the Braves are in an excellent position to fill the DH role that will exist in 2020 — if there is indeed a season …

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2020 MLB Braves mock draft candidate: Garrett Crochet

Major League Baseball and the MLBPA are in heated discussions, as both parties hope to work out an official proposal for bringing back baseball, although, …

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Several Braves will benefit from Major League Baseball’s latest plan to return

Ken Rosenthal reported on Saturday the plan Major League Baseball has in place for a return. It will be a significantly shortened season, with somewhere …

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