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Braves: What the projections say for the organization’s top prospects

One aspect of baseball that makes the sport so interesting is its stats. Compared to the other major sports, baseball is certainly a numbers game, …

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Braves 2021 Prospect Profile: No. 24 Alex Jackson

Our 2021 Prospect Profile series continues with a player that’s been part of Atlanta’s prospect system for several years now, catcher Alex Jackson.  Check out the site’s …

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Braves: Just how bad was revenue in 2020?

The 2019 season and its 8% increase in overall revenue for the Braves came at a great time… because 2020 sure was disappointing. Back in …

Braves free agent targets: Eddie Rosario

Braves free-agent target: Eddie Rosario

Okay. That’s a bit better. Things are in motion, albeit in a slower motion than most would like. The MLB arbitration deadline has now passed, …

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Braves 2021 Prospect Profile: No. 8 Tucker Davidson 

Today we’re keeping the series rolling, moving on to a prospect everyone in Braves Country is super excited about, left-handed pitcher Tucker Davidson.  Check out …

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Braves: A look at a few cheap bullpen options 

On Thursday, the Phillies signed 28-year-old reliever Archie Bradley to a one-year deal worth just $6 million — a steal of a deal for a …

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Braves: Atlanta targeting Dominican Shortstop Ambioris Tavarez

Atlanta is almost out of timeout for the penalties enforced by Rob Manfred regarding signing international players, and Alex Anthopoulos has his eyes on a …

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Braves 2021 Prospect Profile: No. 26 Tyler Owens 

We kicked off our 2021 Prospect Profile series with a top 10 prospect outfielder, so next, we’ll pick from the back-end of Atlanta’s rankings and …

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Braves 2021 Prospect Profile: No. 9 Michael Harris

It’s that time of the year, where we discuss the organization’s future talent. The Braves sure have been blessed these last several seasons, and in …

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Braves: A brief update on Marcell Ozuna

Although he is one of the most prized free agents this offseason, Marcell Ozuna is still looking for a place to hang his helmet this …

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