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Braves top prospect Cristian Pache selected to Dominican team for Olympic qualifier

The Braves have a loaded farm system, and it’s headed by top prospect Cristian Pache, who is the 11th ranked overall prospect in baseball, according …

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Braves’ A+ affiliate to play at new Spring Training facility

Let alone the controversy surrounding the MLB trying to reduce the number of minor league teams; a lot has been up in the air with …

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What should the Braves offer Marcell Ozuna?

Josh Donaldson is now off the free agency market, meaning the Braves have to pivot, and rather quickly, in efforts to find a cleanup hitter …

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Braves: Comparing Marcell Ozuna and Nicholas Castellanos

Now that third baseman Josh Donaldson is headed north to the Twins — with a 4-year, $92 million contract in hand — mock trade proposals …

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Report: Braves sign Yangervis Solarte to minor league​ deal

After a quite month-plus, the Braves broke their silence by signing veteran infielder Yangervis Solarte to a minor-league contract with an invite to spring training, …

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Opt-out clause is going to be the biggest hiccup for Braves in an Arenado deal

The Braves have never been big on opt-out clauses. Look at any contract they have signed a player to, and you will be hard-pressed to …

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Report: Braves expected to revisit Kris Bryant talks with Cubs

Ask any beat writer what the Braves will do next, and they will give you a different answer. Some expect Atlanta to go after a …

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Report: Braves’ focus shifting to Castellanos, Ozuna

According to Jim Bowden, Atlanta’s already moving on from Donaldson. Personally, I’m not a fan of signing any of these guys. Castellanos is alright with …

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Report: “Expectation in the industry” is still Donaldson back to Braves

If the Josh Donaldson waiting game has made you nervous, you are not alone. However, it seems that not much has changed on that front, …

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Braves’ prospect Kasey Kalich has late inning potential

The Braves have invested a bunch of short-term dollars into bolstering their bullpen unit in what projects to be among the league’s best. But of …

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