Matzek NLCS

Braves: How should Brian Snitker utilize his relievers in the NLDS

At the time of this writing, we don’t quite know yet who will be on the NLDS roster, so I’ll be basing it off of …

Matzek NLCS

Despite Will Smith’s collapse, the Braves bullpen has been excellent of late

For most of the season, the Braves bullpen has been abysmal. They were responsible for over half of the team’s losses and really felt the …

9531910090129 stl at atl

Braves: Brian Snitker really needs to start paying attention to times through the order 

The Braves’ loss on Wednesday night was one of those that just hurts a little more than usual. Never mind the fact that the team …

dlt190724106 cubs at giants

Could the Braves make a trade to bring back Craig Kimbrel?

While it’s a little early in the season to be already talking about trades, it’s clear that Atlanta’s bullpen doesn’t have the weapons it did …

spring training

Should the Braves begin to mix things up at the end of games?

Last night, the Braves blew yet another game that they led after seven innings. This time it was A.J. Minter, who walked the first three batters …

MLB Pipeline

Braves: Contreras & Camargo optioned, opening day roster almost set

It looks like the Braves have their opening squad ready to go to Philly. #Braves will option Johan Camargo and William Contreras and open the …

9532007210407 atl v mia

Braves: Biggest questions entering the 2021 season

If it feels close, that’s because it is close. The Braves 2021 season is set to begin next Thursday at Citizens Bank Ballpark against the …

dkb190813028 nym vs atl

Braves: What’s going on with Shane Greene?

Out of all of the names on the free-agent market that remain unsigned, you’ll find several Braves. Guys like Tyler Flowers and others could still find themselves …

webb jacob 2020

Overreaction Tuesday: Jacob Webb will be elite in 2021

Jacob Webb is often a forgotten man when talking about Atlanta’s bullpen, and there’s a valid reason for that. Since his debut in 2019, Webb …

braves minter 2020

Braves: Wild Cards in the bullpen

As Clint mentioned last week, the Braves are playing the numbers game when it comes to their bullpen. They have a solid foundation, but after …

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