suntrust park opening day 2017
Atlanta Braves

Pandemic on First: COVID-19 and the Impact on the Atlanta Braves

The year is 1918. A rare and misunderstood strand of the flu is running rampant, eventually wiping out 50 million people around the world; 675,000 …

Will the Braves get first-half Dansby in 2020?

Braves: MLB announces plans in preparation for a shortened season

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the US, the reality of the MLB playing a shortened season has become inevitable. Despite both sides …

Braves: Ten over/under predictions for 2020

Braves: Freddie Freeman becomes the latest athlete to donate amid Coronavirus crisis

With the Coronavirus slowly shutting down the entire country, athletes around the world have shown their generosity, pledging millions of dollars to help fight the …

cgv200316736 covid19

Which Braves will be most affected by COVID-19?

Yes, I know the obvious answer to this article is that any Braves player that tests positive for COVID-19 will be affected most by this …

suntrust park opening day 2017

COVID-19 will create a scouting nightmare for the Braves

COVID-19 has the entire country in panic mode, effectively suspending the play of sports nationwide. This is understandable, as it is currently impossible to gauge …

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