The Unsung Hero of the Braves’ Rotation

The Unsung Hero With the trade deadline soon approaching I – like most Braves fans – hope to see another starting pitcher added to the …

dkb180921004 braves vs phillies

How good has Julio Teheran been this year?

Last night, Julio Teheran’s streak of greatness ended as the Mets racked up six runs and eight hits in four innings. It was the first …

dkb180810010 braves vs brewers

Dominant: A Word to Describe the Braves’ Rotation.

Since May 15th (or a date soon to be known as Austin Riley day), the Braves rotation has been performing like a rotation that wants …

dkb180921004 braves vs phillies

Braves: Julio Teheran has ignored the talk and thrived early on

Who wanted Julio Teheran traded again? Ok, I admit I was one of those guys, and it wasn’t without reason. Teheran has been flat out …

dhz180910014 atl vs sf

Braves: Starting rotation has some intriguing decisions looming

A week ago, after the Braves were swept by the Phillies, it was questionable whether the Braves would even be able to find a group …

dkb180921004 braves vs phillies

Braves: Julio Teheran showing promise to begin 2019

There hasn’t been a love/hate relationship quite like the one between Julio Teheran and the Atlanta Braves fanbase. The Colombian native made his MLB debut …

dkb180921004 braves vs phillies

Julio Teheran to be Braves’ Opening Day starter for sixth straight season

When Julio Teheran was sparingly used in the playoffs last year, many did not expect him to be on the roster in 2019. However, here …


Trading Julio Teheran will allow the Braves to make a significant move

According to all accounts, the Braves are far from done this offseason, and may even be in a position to land one of the remaining star …


SportsTalkATL 3: Atlanta Braves final offseason predictions

The Braves have not shied away from what they are looking to acquire before the start of the season. They want to add another starter, …


Just how deep is the Braves pitching staff?

Alex Anthopoulos has made his intentions clear: He wants to add a starting pitcher to this rotation. You can understand why too. The Braves have …

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