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Braves: Castellanos’ deal makes Ozuna look like highway robbery

Any baseball mind you ask may have a different answer when asked who is more talented: Marcell Ozuna or Nick Castellanos? You are splitting hairs, …

The Braves were top 10 spenders this offseason

Braves: Alex Anthopoulos does it again

At this point, how does anybody in Braves Country still doubt this man? Last offseason, Alex Anthopoulos navigated the many traps one could fall into …

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Atlanta Braves

Braves report: Ozuna/Castellanos decision will likely come down to length of deal

Ever since Josh Donaldson signed with the Twins, the Braves’ focus has shifted towards the outfield, which might actually make the most sense. In my …

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Report: Braves’ focus shifting to Castellanos, Ozuna

According to Jim Bowden, Atlanta’s already moving on from Donaldson. Personally, I’m not a fan of signing any of these guys. Castellanos is alright with …

Adam Ottavino

SportsTalkATL 3: Atlanta Braves final offseason predictions

The Braves have not shied away from what they are looking to acquire before the start of the season. They want to add another starter, …


Braves: Nick Castellanos a possible trade target

Outside of pitching, the Braves are still searching for another corner outfielder to fill out their lineup. There are several available in free agency like …

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