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2020 MLB Season

Braves: The difficulties of acquiring help for the rotation 

It’s hard to complain about how the Braves have kicked off their 2020 regular season, especially after Friday night’s big comeback win against the Mets …

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Atlanta Braves

Braves: Different year, same Sean Newcomb

The Braves were able to cruise to a blowout victory on Sunday Night Baseball against the Mets in their rubber match, but it wasn’t all …

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Braves: Who will benefit the most from Felix Hernandez’s decision to opt-out?

Felix Hernandez is now one of two Braves players that have decided to opt-out of the 2020 season, as Nick Markakis joined him today. The …

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Braves: Taking a look at the battle among lefty bullpen arms

The MLB season may not start for a while, but they are going to do everything in their power to make sure games are played, …

Braves by Position: Episode 2 - The Bullpen
Atlanta Braves

Braves by Position: Episode 2 – The Bullpen

What’s up, Braves country? It’s been a while. A lot has happened in the last little bit. The Braves signed Marcell Ozuna to man a …

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Braves pitchers who are due for negative regression

There is always more to a pitcher’s stat line than simply their ERA. Luck is a huge part of pitching, good or bad, and many …

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Braves: Newcomb’s first test starts today

For many MLB players, Spring Training is a time to get “back in the swing of things” as they say — get loose, stretched out, …

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Braves: Who will take Cole Hamels’ rotation spot?

With Chase Irle reporting Cole Hamels will NOT be ready for Opening Day, there’s another hole at the back end of the rotation. We already …

Braves: Jeremy Walker dealing with shoulder issue
A.J Minter

Braves: Candidates for the last bullpen spot

As things currently stand, it seems the Braves will opt to go with eight relievers in what projects to be one of the best bullpen …

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Austin RIley

3 Braves who could be breakout stars in 2020

In 2018, it was Mike Foltynewicz, Ronald Acuna Jr., and Ozzie Albies. Last year, it was Mike Soroka. The Braves’ rebuild is way ahead of …

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