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The Falcons need to capitalize with the next two quarterbacks on the schedule

The Falcons had a pretty tough slate to start the season. While the Eagles were a team that a lot of people were low on …

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2021 NFL Draft

Ranking the quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft

It’s time for my most contentious article of 2021! You can poll 100 football fans, and they will all disagree on the top five quarterbacks …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons in on 2021 crop of quarterback prospects

Even after the recent blockbuster trade that resulted in San Francisco holding Miami’s third overall pick, the Falcons will be in on this crop of …

2021 NFL Draft

Could the Falcons be sitting on a goldmine at No. 4 in the NFL Draft?

The Atlanta Falcons’ fourth-overall pick in this April’s draft could be a goldmine after a trade on Friday afternoon. The blockbuster trade launched the San …

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davis mills

Falcons: 2021 NFL Draft quarterback pro comparisons

What sucks about evaluating a quarterback is some of them simply won’t translate because they have been put in a bad situation. I think Jacksonville …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Jake’s method for evaluating NFL Draft quarterback prospects

While it seems unlikely that the Falcons will select a quarterback fourth overall, I think the discussion around Atlanta picking Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, or Trey …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Possible first round trade partners for the 2021 NFL Draft

It’s no secret that I believe with Arthur Smith leading the charge, Atlanta can afford to trade down and wait on taking their quarterback of …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Jake’s big board if Atlanta keeps the fourth pick

Everyone who follows this site knows I want to trade down more than anything, but if Atlanta does decide to hold strong, who should the …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Zach Wilson or Justin Fields?

The NFL Draft is still a long way away, but this topic will be discussed heavily until Trevor Lawrence is selected 1st overall. After that, …

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2021 NFL Draft

2021 Falcons Offseason Mock Draft 1.0: Chalk (5 Rounds)

Atlanta doesn’t even have a general manager right now, so I’ll be doing my civic duty and taking over that role. Fans are pretty divided …

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