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Falcons: Jake’s big board if Atlanta keeps the fourth pick

Everyone who follows this site knows I want to trade down more than anything, but if Atlanta does decide to hold strong, who should the …

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Falcons: Is there any defensive player worth drafting with the 4th overall pick?

Let’s get this disclaimer out of the way; obviously, someone in this draft will outplay their draft position by a country mile. That’s not what …

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Falcons: With Arthur Smith in the fold, trading down from the 4th pick makes even more sense

Arthur Smith is the guy in Atlanta, and Matt Ryan has to be the player who benefits most. Smith tailored an offense around Ryan Tannehill …

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Falcons: How a Deshaun Watson trade to Miami could benefit Atlanta

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s clear that Jack Easterby has crippled the Texans organization and one of the two or three best …

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Falcons: There is a good chance Dante Fowler Jr. is back in 2021

Recent reports suggest the Falcons are narrowing in on Terry Fontenot to be the next general manager, but it wouldn’t matter who was brought in; …

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2021 Falcons Offseason Mock Draft 2.0: Trade Down (5 Rounds)

Lots of fans (myself included) are very eager to trade down. This team has a lot of holes, and while a quarterback of the future …

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Falcons: Examining the team’s 2021 compensatory draft picks

The NFL’s use of compensatory draft picks confuses most fans, so I will attempt to simplify the process that determines compensatory picks and speculate on …

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Overreaction Tuesday: Should the Falcons trade Julio and draft Ja’marr Chase or DeVonta Smith?

It’s no secret the Falcons have an uphill battle with the salary cap this offseason. All the talking heads, me included, are adamant about Julio Jones and Matt …

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Falcons: Zach Wilson or Justin Fields?

The NFL Draft is still a long way away, but this topic will be discussed heavily until Trevor Lawrence is selected 1st overall. After that, …

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2021 Falcons Offseason Mock Draft 1.0: Chalk (5 Rounds)

Atlanta doesn’t even have a general manager right now, so I’ll be doing my civic duty and taking over that role. Fans are pretty divided …

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