Falcons Report: Patriots tried to trade for the 4th overall pick and Julio Jones in a “mega deal”

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It seems that the Patriots were very aggressive in the 2021 NFL Draft, and they may have tried to pull off one of the biggest moves in recent draft memory.

Wow, Bill, you sure drive a hard bargain; you want the fourth overall pick AND Julio Jones? What a deal. Keep in mind, since this was before June 1st, the Falcons wouldn’t have saved any money in a deal like this. Now, this guy could just be blowing smoke, but it feels like the Patriots have been pursuing Jones all offseason, and it was widely reported they inquired about the fourth pick.

With the cost of moving up to the fourth pick combined with whatever it would take to get Julio Jones, I seriously doubt the Patriots made an offer. Now you’re getting into the talk of potentially sending four first-round picks, and if not, then I’d hang up on them. Regardless, I’m happy with how the draft turned out, and I still don’t see the Falcons dealing Jones — even after June 1st.

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