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Hawks: With rumors that Zion Williamson is unhappy, should Travis Schlenk make this offer?

There are rumors swirling about Zion Williamson in New Orleans right now, and they are less than pleasant. This was posted on tiger droppings anonymously …

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Hawks prep for possibly the biggest night in franchise history

Since the day¬†Hawks GM Travis Schlenk notoriously decided to trade away Luka Doncic for Trae Young and a top-five protected 2019 draft pick, the writing …

djk1902160018 nc state at duke

Add Jay Williams to the list of names who wants to see Zion on the Hawks

A former Duke star himself, Jay Williams is now a lead personality in ESPN’s college basketball department. Recently, TMZ caught up with him to ask …

Cam Reddish

Atlanta Hawks: The Tanking for Duke Freshmen is real

The NBA is so unique because a single player can change the course of your entire franchise for 15+ years. Just ask the Cleveland Cavaliers, …

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