Terry Bradshaw has some harsh words for Falcons’ Arthur Smith

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When Desmond Ridder was benched the first time earlier this season, Arthur Smith was adamant that it wasn’t a performance-based decision but rather a reset… whatever that means. Eventually, the Falcons would turn back to Ridder after Taylor Heinicke started two games in which the club lost.

Granted, Atlanta didn’t lose because of Heinicke, but coming out of the bye week, Arthur Smith told reporters that he wasn’t going to play musical chairs and would name a starter for the rest of the season. It was Desmond Ridder, but poor play forced Smith’s hand. Ridder threw a back breaking interception against the Panthers, prompting many to call for Smith’s job.

Arthur Blank did come out in support of his head coach but also made a note that they’d reevaluate at the end of the season. It’s clear that Arthur Smith is coaching for his job. With his job on the line, he’s turning back to Taylor Heinicke against the Colts.

The decision to play musical chairs is certainly a desperate one that could work out in his favor, but one Hall of Famer isn’t fond of the move. On Fox’s pregame, Terry Bradshaw had some very harsh words for Arthur Smith.

The Falcons aren’t in a great spot, and if I were Arthur Smith, I don’t know who I would prefer, Heinicke or Ridder. Both put the ball in harm’s way. Smith was in between a rock and a hard place, but he made his bed. Now, he has to lie in it.

Photographer: Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire


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