The Little Guys Who Made This Season a Success

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The Braves made a slurry of offseason moves, and most of them have paid serious dividends. These are the unsung heroes of 2019 who have filled in or had huge moments in an Atlanta uniform to make this season special.


Charlie Culberson

If it wasn’t a clutch pinch hit double or timely hit, Culberson could also gun down runners at the plate to preserve a lead. Charlie did it all for us this season. Sadly, his season is over. We need his versatility and attitude on this postseason roster. Charlie might not be very well known outside of Braves country, but he was no doubt the most important role player on this roster.

Matt Joyce

If Charlie was 1a for most important role player, Matt Joyce was 1b. A journeyman who might have been on his last chance this season, Joyce just came out to hit .298/.412/.873 with 7 home runs as a role player. His consistent bat off of the bench made a world of difference for this club.

Francisco Cervelli

One of my favorite pickups of the entire season, Francisco Cervelli’s career was in jeopardy after his last concussion and IL stint in Pittsburgh. Francisco was cleared to play, and he responded by going 4-5 with 3 doubles (should have been 4) in his first game for the Braves. He’s hit .333 with 2 HRs in 11 games with Atlanta. He really seems to like it here, and I’d love to keep Francisco after this season.

Rafael Ortega

Rafael’s stats have been nothing to write home about, however, his grand slam against Los Angeles to help the Braves take 2/3 from LA was a critical point in this season. That game was so important to build some confidence against those guys.


Adeiny Hechavarria

So crucial for filling in for Dansby Swanson, Adeiny has revived his career in Atlanta. Hitting the lowest of low points by being DFAd by the Mets. He responded by hitting .291 with 8 XBH in 22 games with Atlanta. He also had one of the craziest game ending defensive highlights of the season. Adeiny is another guy who really seems to have clicked on Atlanta’s roster, and I think he’s been the most valuable injury replacement on this list.


Billy Hamilton

Like Ortega, Hamilton hasn’t been a world beater with the Braves, but he did have a clutch game winning hit against the Mets to preserve the win streak. He’s also another guy who’s been better since coming to Atlanta, hitting his highest since 2016. Billy still has wheels, maybe he makes the playoff roster if another injury happens.

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