The two most overvalued RBs in fantasy drafts

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A couple of days ago, we gave you the top 5 most undervalued runnings backs for this year’s draft. Now, we have our list of the most overvalued backs. Honestly, the backs are being drafted in a reasonable order. There are a ton of undervalued guys, but not many overvalued backs stick out. Running backs are under a microscope in fantasy football, and their value is pretty well known. But here are two that are frankly just being drafted too early in my opinion, and I think they are picks that could end your fantasy season before it even starts.

Kerryon Johnson

I do not understand the hype on Kerryon Johnson at all. The talent I love, I have admired his game since his days at Auburn. But I am not particularly fond of the offense he plays in, and I am also not sure that he is an every-down back. The Lions’ past usage of him is indicative of them feeling the same way. He is the 15th back going off the board which sounds reasonable, but I would much rather wait on a player like Aaron Jones, Leonard Fournette, Devonta Freeman or Marlon Mack, who are somehow being drafted behind him. The Lions were 25th in total offense last year, so if you consider the possibility of Kerryon only being a two-down back, the math just does not add up.

Le’Veon Bell

He’s on the Jets now. I’m not saying Bell is a product of the Steelers’ offense, but they have had no problem getting production out of that spot in Deangelo Williams and James Connor. He certainly benefitted from that and catching a ton of balls from Roethlisberger. He also sat out a season. I still think Le’Veon Bell is solid and in his prime, but I’m not taking him as the 7th RB off the board. I don’t believe he will have many scoring opportunities in New York. He will be good, but not elite like in the past. I think he will have a year similar to what David Johnson had last year in a struggling Arizona offense with a young QB. I would rather have Nick Chubb or Todd Gurley who are going below him. Bell has burned me too many times, and it was getting hard to trust him as a fantasy asset even in Pittsburgh due to injuries, suspensions, and holdouts. Now, a Jet, I’m out on this one.

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