This time it’s official: Jaime Garcia traded to the Twins


Just a few days ago, Jaime Garcia to the Twins was a done deal according to multiple reports, but the negotiations later fell through because of a medical issue with the prospect the Braves were to acquire. Multiple other teams revamped their pursuit of Garcia, who had an exceptional outing on Friday night that included a his first career grand slam, but it would be the Twins once again finalizing a deal with Atlanta, and this time it was official.

Ynoa is from the Dominican Republic and just 19-years old. He is the 22nd prospect in the Twins organization according to, but the real return for the Braves in this trade comes from the financial flexibility they gain.

The Twins also took almost all of Anthony Recker’s contract, who was also included in the deal to give Minnesota some professional depth at the catcher position.

Moving Garcia does not mean the Braves will be sellers at the deadline. Based on what they got in return, there is reason to believe this move actually indicates they are seriously considering acquiring a cost-controlled frontline starter.

They have been linked to several names such as Justin Verlander and Sonny Gray. The Braves have all the pieces in the world to make a significant move and still have a loaded farm system. John Coppollela has remained aggressive throughout the entire rebuild, and with the team currently competing and desperate for starting pitching, it may be time for the Braves to flip some of those prospects for someone who can lead this rotation.

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