Top 10 Atlanta Hawks of All-Time: Number 5


Coming in at number 5 on the list is Joe Johnson. Iso Joe may not have ever lived up to his contract, and sure he’s not the “superstar” Atlanta fans claimed they needed  when he was here, but he was damn good in his time for Atlanta and is one of the finest players this franchise has seen. His career will always be tarnished by the team’s inability to make it past the second round of the playoffs when he was here, but Johnson is a huge reason why the Hawks have such a long-standing active streak of playoff appearances. Joe got them there every year. Johnson was a 6-time All-Star during his tenure with the franchise and is one of the best scorers to don the Hawks uniform. He also made the All-NBA Third Team in 2010. Over his 7 seasons with the Hawks he averaged 20.9 points per game. It’s a shame that his reputation will always be overshadowed by the financial implications his contract had on the team.

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