Top 15 Fantasy D/ST


  1. Seahawks
  2. Bills
  3. Ravens
  4. Texans
  5. Rams
  6. Broncos
  7. Dolphins
  8. Cardinals
  9. Lions
  10. Jets
  11. Panthers
  12. Patriots
  13. Eagles
  14. Vikings
  15. Bengals

Notes: Seahawks have had the best defense in the league the last two seasons, and I do not expect that to change this season. They should be the first defense off the board. However, I would advise that you are not the person to draft the Seahawks D/ST. Even if they do turn out to be the best fantasy defense, they will be going way too high in most drafts. Pick your defense last, build your team first.

Ravens have gone under the radar this offseason, but one thing is for sure that defense will be vicious. Expect a lot of sacks and turnovers created by the Ravens defense and for them to end up being a top 5 defense this fantasy season.

The Eagles had one of the best fantasy defenses last season. Do not expect that to be the case again this season. The Eagles had an unprecedented 11 touchdowns by their defense and special teams. To put in comparison: Seattle’s D/ST  finished with 150 fantasy points last season while only scoring 3 TDs. The Eagles D/ST put up 151 while scoring 11 TDs. Expect the Eagles defense to finish outside the top 10 this fantasy season.

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