Top 5 Free Agents: Centers

Note: All rankings are relative to the Hawks, considering the fit, need and talent of each player.

1. Marc Gasol- Probably the best center in the game right now. He is terrific both offensively and defensively and could become the anchor of the Hawks team. A Gasol and Horford tandem would be unstoppable.

2. Deandre Jordan- Jordan has become one of the best centers in the game. He still has yet to develop an offensive game, but his rebounding is truly game changing. The Hawks were one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA last season, and the signing of Deandre Jordan would almost certainly flip that.

3. Greg Monroe- He could play center or power forward, but if he pairs up with Horford, I think of Monroe as more of the center. Averaged 15.9 point and 10.2 rebound per game last season, and the Hawks have had their eye on him for a while. Not so sure about the fit, but the talent is definitely there.

4. Brook Lopez- Lopez has officially opted out of his contract with the Nets. Hawks fans saw what Lopez can do first hand in the playoffs. I believe he is a little underrated. He has a very good offensive game and can play defense. He should be a guy the Hawks take a long look at this offseason.

5. Tyson Chandler- Not so sure about the fit, but he will fill some of the glaring holes the Hawks had last season. He is a terrific rebounder and defender. He does not take bad shots and is a great veteran leader. If the price is right, the Hawks might make a move for Chandler.

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