Trades The Braves Could Make To Sell At The Trade Deadline

The deadline is less than 2 weeks away, Hart’s done a wonderful job of driving up the stock of veterans to move at the deadline. AJ, Gomes, Kelly, CJ, and Jim Johnson may all be on the move; time to blow it all up, John!

Note; I want VALUE for these guys. I’d rather keep them than send them off just to trade them (except you, Chris Johnson.)


A.J. Pierzysnki, Williams Perez, and Kelly Johnson for Brett Phillips (Houston Astros)

The 21 year-old outfielder for Houston’s AA Corpus Christi is having an excellent 2015 campaign. The lefty is batting .315 with 23 Doubles, 15 Home Runs and 67 RBIs over 2 levels of minor league ball. His arm in the outfield is nothing to overlook, either. His power still needs to develop, but overall, he’s a very nice prospect; and was ranked #6 overall for the Astros this season by SB Nation. Houston’s outfield depth, the acquiring of Jake Marisnick and Colby Rasmus, the ability to put Gattis in LF, and the emergence of George Springer leaves no spot in the outfield for him in the future (The Astros are also in talks for Justin Upton and Yoenis Cespedes.) AJ and Kelly can provide bench depth for Houston’s playoff run this year, while Perez is a valuable starter. I am contempt with Wisler and ManBan staying right where they are. If Manny goes to the pen for the rest of this year (it’s likely this happens due to an innings limit), then Perez will have to be substituted for a piece like Lucas Sims of Jason Hursh. If you had told me that the Astros would be buying from teams like the Padres and A’s this year, I would have laughed at you.


Chris Johnson and Jim Johnson for Luis Torrens and Miguel Andujar (New York Yankees)

Luis Torrens is going to miss the 2015 season, but he’s had a good minor league career; posting a .249 average. Defensively, he threw out 42% of runners in A ball, so that makes him a slight upgrade of Christian Bethancourt. Our last Yankees injured project is working out well so far. Andujar is batting .214 this season with 5 home runs. He’s not spectacular, but this trade is more focused on getting rid of Chris Johnson. Chase Headley is struggling against left handed pitchers, and the Yanks pen could use some help. Sacrificing Jim to get an injured player and a struggling one is a chance I’m willing to take to get Chris Johnson off of this team.


Jonny Gomes, Kelly Johnson and Julio Teheran for Brandon Finnegan, Foster Griffin, Hunter Dozier, and Bubba Starling.

Talk about a reach blockbuster, right? This trade is another low risk, high reward deal. Finnegan and Foster are two power lefties with huge upside. Dozier is a third baseman who had a bad 2014, and Starling is considered a draft bust. Finnegan is the only player having a good year; 3-0 with a 2.96 ERA with 21 Ks in 24.1 innings for Kansas City. Julio Teheran will be tough to part with, but Kansas City will want him for their playoff run. Playoff Jonny Gomes is another animal as we all have seen. Johnson can fill the hole in left field until Alex Gordon returns. Dozier is a third baseman who is having a tough 2015, but was a top 100 prospect heading into this season who could possibly benefit from a change of scenery. The Braves’ future is still cloudy at third base. Now, onto Bubba Starling. He is without a doubt the most interesting part of this trade. Bubba was selected third overall in the 2011 MLB First Year Player Draft. Starling had a dual scholarship in football and baseball to Nebraska (he was also all-state in basketball.) The kid is just a straight athlete. However his bat has never caught up until this season. He’s a fromer top 50 prospect (ranked as high as 17th overall in 2012 by who just now seems to be figuring it out in AA after exploding on the scene in A+ ball. His arm, speed, and strength are there, can Seitzer and the staff turn him into the star he was projected to be? Brandon Finnegan is a young releiver who has had some success for the Royals and is under team control until 2021. The Braves could look into grooming him as a late-innings option. Foster Griffin was the Royals’ 1st Round pick in 2014, but he has disappointed in 2015.



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