Trae Young calls his shot following Nuggets’ NBA Finals win

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The Denver Nuggets won their first-ever championship last night in a gentlemen’s sweep over the Miami Heat, and it didn’t take long for the Hawks to inject themselves into the conversation. Trae Young tweeted out his shot, “We Next!”

Just like Nikola Jokić’s Nuggets before last night’s Game 5 contest, Young’s Hawks have never raised the Larry O’Brien trophy. If there’s ever been a superstar to bring a championship to Atlanta, it’s Ice Trae.

Nobody lives for the bright lights on the biggest stage quite like Trae Young, evident in each of his playoff appearances outside of last year’s playoff series against the Heat.

If the Hawks are in the postseason, having a superstar like Young will always give the club a chance of winning a championship. However, this roster probably isn’t in a position to challenge for a title.

Quin Snyder’s presence cannot be understated. The pick-and-roll maestro, the offensive mad scientist, will be the first coach with the expertise needed to maximize Trae Young’s skill set. Moreover, Nate McMillan was never the coach to fit the puzzle pieces together of two ball dominant guards in Young and Dejounte Murray. If anyone is up for the task, it’s Snyder.

This is an extremely pivotal offseason, but the goal is always the same for Trae Young and the Hawks — winning a title.

Brian Rothmuller/Icon
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