Trae Young talks Luka Doncic comparisons

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The Trae YoungLuka Doncic comparisons will be relevant until they retire, and even then, they’ll go on long past their playing careers.

The draft night trade that landed the Hawks Young and Mavericks Doncic will forever link them, whether they like it or not. Fans can argue to the ends of time on who won the trade, but that’s not why I’m here.

All-NBA teams, All-Star appearances, scoring titles, and individual achievements don’t matter. Championships are the only things that matter. Trae Young spoke to that recently.

The Hawks superstar has spoken about bringing Atlanta an NBA title since he was drafted a handful of years ago. Young has been scrutinized heavily since entering the league for whatever reason. He’s done nothing but show up and be successful.

Unfortunately, he’s held to a different standard. I appreciate Trae Young’s maturity in his answers to questions like this because I am the same age and wouldn’t have the same level-headed responses.

The Mavericks and Hawks aren’t serious title threats as currently constructed, but that has no bearing on the media’s assessment of the two. Trae Young and Luke Doncic will forever be linked and held against one another. Whoever wins a championship will likely be held in higher regard forever.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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