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Dan Quinn addressed the media on Thursday to talk about the Falcons most recent coaching hires and other changes going on within the staff.

Hiring Dirk Koetter to return as the offensive coordinator was the headline of the week, which did not come without criticism. Dan Quinn has stressed that he wants the Falcon to have a more balanced style of offense with an emphasis on physicality. Koetter, meanwhile, is an offensive mind known for his explosive vertical passing game.

In response to that notion, Dan Quinn had this to say:

Quinn also said that Koetter did a good job establishing the run in Jacksonville with Maurice Jones-Drew and Tampa Bay with Doug Martin.

The statistics correlate with Quinn’s analysis. Koetter took over as the offensive coordinator in Jacksonville in 2007 – Maurice Jones-Drew’s second professional season. By 2009, Jones-Drew was a Pro-Bowl running back rushing for nearly 1,400 yards. In 2011, Koetter’s final year as OC in Jacksonville, MJD ran for a league-leading 1,606 yards.

Jones-Drew never ran for more than 1,000 yards after that.

In Tampa Bay, Doug Martin became a Pro-Bowler, rushing for over 1,400 yards in the first season Koetter arrived.

Quinn also addressed whether or not Matt Ryan had any influence in the decision-making process.

Other than the offensive coordinator position, Quinn announced that he would be moving around the staff a bit. Dave Brock will become the running backs coach after being the assistant wide receivers coach last year. Bernie Parmalee will now be a special teams assistant instead of the running backs coach, and Kyle Flood will become a senior assistant.

While that may sound like a whole lot of nothing, Kyle Flood’s new position with Atlanta should come as music to the fans’ ears. He will be serving as Dan Quinn’s clock management and replay assistant as Quinn takes over the defensive coordinator position

This has been something the Falcons have needed since Quinn arrived. From Monday-Saturday Quinn is one of the top coaches in football, but his game management on Sundays has cost the Falcons a Super Bowl and several other games over the last four years. Hopefully, with Flood responsible for these duties, the Falcons can do a much better job closing out games.

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