What would be the most fun pick at #8 for the Falcons?

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The NFL Draft is right around the corner, and the Falcons hold the 8th overall pick with a bevy of exciting prospects as possible selections.

We are at the point in the offseason where evaluations and opinions are recycled ad nauseam, so I thought of taking a totally different approach to the draft process. Instead of giving you my opinion on who I want or think the Falcons to select, we will discuss who would be the most fun first-round pick.

Jalen Carter

Carter makes the list for a few reasons. He’s not the sexiest pick that would appeal to the masses as a skill position would, but he’s a local kid and would make a lot of Bulldogs-Falcons fans happy. Moreover, he’s arguably the most talented non-quarterback prospect in this cycle; it would be exciting for that reason alone.

Will Anderson

A lot of the same things I said about Carter apply to Anderson. In a different vein, the Alabama product is positioned to put up more sacks rushing from the edge than the interior. This guy put up 17.5 sacks in 2021; that would be fun to have in Atlanta. Everyone loves big plays, and sacks are considerable.

Bijan Robinson

This one is self-explanatory. Who cares about positional value, second contracts, or any other rational thought of taking a running back in the top 10. Imagine Arthur Smith’s run game with a generational prospect like Bijan Robinson — MVP.

The Texas product would be in the conversation for the 1st overall pick in a different era. Nobody is more exciting with the ball in their hands than Robinson. If we are talking pure entertainment, this might be the most fun possibility. His receiving ability is that of a wideout too; Robinson would put more butts in seats than anyone in this class.

Anthony Richardson

Depending on who you ask, Anthony Richardson would be either worst-case or best-case scenario, but there is no doubting how electric he is with the ball in his hands. Marcus Mariota ran for over 400 yards and four scores in Arthur Smith’s offense, and Richardson is the more explosive athlete.

In Gainsville, Richardson put up 654 yards and nine touchdowns on the ground. Moreover, he’s got an absolute hose. He could probably throw it 70 yards flat-footed. The Falcons’ offense would be incredible to watch with a combination of Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson at quarterback,┬áregardless of the shortcomings with his accuracy and decision making.

Photographer: Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire

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