Which Atlanta Falcons jersey should you buy?

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This a new era of the Atlanta Falcons under Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot.

We are finally out of the dark times of the rebuild, one that was inevitable thanks to the former regime’s contractual missteps. The club dealt with record-breaking amounts of dead cap and entered the 2023 offseason with the second most cap space in the league.

Arthur Blank invested more than $250 million into the roster this offseason via extensions and free agent deals. There is a core of young talent that paints a positive picture for the Falcons’ future, so which jersey would be a good investment for fans?

I cannot take credit for this idea, that honor goes to Sam of Acme Packing Company, a Green Bay Packers blog, who wrote a similar piece detailing which jerseys Cheeseheads should buy.

Established Stars

These are likely the most frequent jerseys you’ll see around Atlanta and Mercedes Benz Stadium this season. There’s no going wrong with these. They won’t be traded anytime soon and are by far the safest. They’ve already made a Pro Bowl or All-Pro team and are still ascending talents.

Pitts broke the franchise record for receiving yards by a rookie tight end en route to a Pro Bowl. This is Jarrett’s team, so it’ll never be a bad thing to rock his jersey. Bates and Terrell are two young defensive backs that will be around Atlanta for a while.

One of these is not like the others — Bijan Robinson. He’s not established, but he’s already the face of the franchise. His jersey will be as frequent as Matt Ryan or Julio Jones during their tenures.  Robinson will be the biggest star in Atlanta by the end of his career. It’s not edgy, but it is a safe investment.

Up-and-Coming Stars

This crop of players isn’t exactly on the same level as the prior group but has similar potential. You could be a trendsetter. Though you might not see many of these jerseys, all of your friends might soon be following you in the coming years.

This is a wide range of potential stars. London is the most likely to make you happy by buying their jersey. London broke a franchise record last year, and could easily be included in the ‘Established Stars’ category. Allgeier also broke a franchise record but the presence of Robinson sort of diminishes his jersey’s value.

The defenders on the list — Ebiketie, Andersen, and Grant — haven’t quite established themselves as much as Allgeier and London but could in 2023, given the talent around them is much improved. Falcons fans would be taking a risk buying one of these but could be one of the first ones to get on the hype train.

Edgy and Trendy

These are one-year deals that could prove to be life-long Falcons, lesser-known players that only die-hard fans would recognize, those that we don’t see too often, and longshots that could become pillars of the franchise.

This might be my favorite group. Do you believe in Ridder? Well, get in on the ground floor before the potential bandwagon follows. Lindstrom and Matthews’ jerseys are few and far between; real ball-knowers will respect your dedication to getting an offensive lineman’s jersey.

There might not be a bigger fan favorite than the veteran returner in Atlanta. Anyone who is as dedicated to the Falcons as CP84 will always be a star in this city. Buying his jersey will always bring compliments.

Campbell only signed a one-year deal but could turn into one of those forever Falcons. And last but certainly not least, getting a kickers jersey is an all-time move. Everyone loves a Koo jersey.

The only rule for getting a Falcons jersey is to not get a gradient one.

Photographer: Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire


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