Who is the Falcons Most Overrated, Underrated Player?

Most Underrated: Eric Weems


If you have followed Atlanta for the past couple of years, you know who Eric Weems is. He is by no means a “star”, but don’t tell him that. Weems has been the best special teams player in the five years he has played for Atlanta. He is labeled as a wide receiver, but he is not needed much in that department. When he is called upon though, he has answered. In the two must-win games to keep Atlanta’s playoff hopes alive in 2014, Weems had two big touchdowns against the Packers and Saints. Weems is quick, agile, and versatile. Dan Quinn could ask him to play on the offensive line for a play and Weems would probably run right in there. Many fans around the NFL have no idea who Eric Weems is, but I feel like Atlanta fans do not really care. They know what Weems brings to the team and value his efforts and talent. He will not plug up the stat sheet, but he will make the little plays that win his team the football game. That is all you can ask for in a player such as Weems.

Most Overrated: Paul Warrilow


Many Atlanta fans have believed in the hype of Paul Warrilow. I agree that it is an incredible story how he was undrafted and is now a starting inside linebacker in the National Football League. But what competition did he really have to face to get to be the starter at that position? To be honest, the Falcons linebacking-core has been atrocious the past couple of years. Paul Warrilow could be considered the best on the team, as he has 270 tackles in the past two seasons. Where have those tackles come from? Most of the time, it is usually three to seven yards past the line of scrimmage. Warrilow also lacks coverage skills. Any pass-catching running backs have given him fits the past two years. In 2014, ProFootballFocus had him rated as the 59th ILB out of 60. That is horrible, to say the least. I do love the intensity Warrilow plays with, as he is not afraid to get his nose dirty. He plays 100% on every down he is on the field, but he is just not talented enough in my mind to be a starting inside linebacker. Atlanta likes to roll the dice with players they have, but Warrilow is not going to cut it in 2015. He is a serviceable backup linebacker, but he does to have the tools to be an NFL starting linebacker. Don’t believe me? Tune in to the Falcons 2015 season and watch.


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