Will Braves be interested in signing Trevor Bauer? Brian Snitker has vehement answer

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One of the most controversial players in baseball is Trevor Bauer. Despite being among the most talented pitchers on the planet, his off-the-field baggage is seemingly too great for clubs to show much interest. And you can already cross Atlanta off as a potential landing spot. Braves manager Brian Snitker had an emphatic answer to a question about whether the team would consider signing him: No.


The MLB recently reinstated Trevor Bauer after his precedent-setting 324-game suspension for violating the league’s Joint Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault policy was reduced by an arbitrator to 194 games.

Three separate women accused him of violent sexual assault, while no criminal charges were pursued, the league found enough evidence to hand down a historic suspension. The Dodgers, who care deeply about their public image, were always going to release the troubled pitcher, which they did in January, opening the door for another team to sign him for the league minimum.

The Braves, much like the Dodgers, care about their public image and were never going to show interest in Trevor Bauer. And it’s even more apparent now with Brian Snitker’s one-word response. It doesn’t help that Bauer has seemingly shown very little remorse for his actions, but the Braves have already dealt with the public outcry over Marcell Ozuna‘s domestic violence ordeal, and a usually buttoned-up organization wasn’t going to risk its neck again.

Sure, some desperate team might take a chance on Trevor Bauer, but it won’t be the Braves. The clubhouse chemistry is a vital part of the club’s recent success, and no player is worth putting that in jeopardy.

Any team that signs him will have to deal with a mountain of backlash; I wouldn’t be surprised if Bauer went un-signed for a while.

Photographer: Kiyoshi Mio/Icon Sportswire
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