Zac Robinson says the QB that Falcons target must possess this

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The Falcons quarterback search is underway.

If the new coaching staff somehow doesn’t acquire a starting-caliber quarterback this offseason, the fan base, which is predominantly in support of Raheem Morris, will turn on the team in the blink of an eye.

Most Falcons fans are under the impression the 2024 starter isn’t currently on the roster. Obviously, there are a few stragglers who believe Arthur Smith is more at fault than Desmond Ridder, and the third-round pick still has the potential to be a starter in this league.

Even if Zac Robinson, Atlanta’s new offensive coordinator, left the door somewhat open to the idea by saying they’ll evaluate all options, I firmly believe the Falcons’ Week 1 starter isn’t on the roster right now.

So, who will Robinson, Morris, and the Falcons target? Well, Atlanta’s new offensive coordinator described what kind of signal caller he wants during his introdcutory press conference.

“That guy has got to be the most competitive guy in the room,” Robinson said. “They have to have mental and physical toughness.”

I don’t think it’s a pre-requisite to be the most competitive player in a locker room to be a successful quarterback, but the best — Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Peyton Manning, etc. — were the most competitive.

“They have to be able to think. They’ve got to be able to throw the football accurately. They have to have the inventory of throws, pace, touch. They have to be able to drive it when they need it,” Robinson added.

The ability to throw differently doesn’t often come up among fans when discussing quarterbacks, but it’s a consistent theme among the greats. The phrase “throws a catchable ball” is exactly what Robinson is talking about.

The ability to drive the ball to a five-yard slant with a defender on the receiver’s back, dump the ball to a shallow crosser, sail an intermediate route over the second level, and drop the ball in a bucket on a slot fade is the “inventory” the Falcons new offensive coordinator is talking about. Adjusting your velocity, launch angle, etc. to what the situation dictates is incredibly important.

“They have to have poise, they have to have competitive greatness because these games are so close in the NFL. You have to have a guy who wants the ball in his hands in those crunch-time moments. That’s what we’re looking for.”

Obviously, outside of the physical side of the game, possessing the mental acuity to be at your best in the biggest moments is a calling card of every great athlete.

As of right now, I don’t think Robinson is describing what the Falcons currently have on the roster.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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