A Bill Simmons trade idea for the Hawks

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Over the last couple of weeks, reports and rumors have surfaced in regards to the Hawks’ offseason plans surrounding Trae Young and Dejounte Murray.

At this point, it looks like Atlanta prefers Young over Murray, which is what most people would assume, according to Brett Siegel of ClutchPoints.

“Sarr possesses the athleticism and length needed in modern-day big men, and he would find a lot of success in an offense run by Trae Young, whom the Hawks do not have much interest in trading away this offseason, league sources said,” writes Siegel.

Siegel also revealed the Hawks potential asking price for Dejounte Murray. 

“Murray, who Atlanta made available at the trade deadline this past regular season, won’t be traded just for the sake of the organization making a move this offseason,” Siegel wrote. “If the Hawks are to move on from Murray, it will be in a package that nets them numerous draft assets and talent to surround Young and the incoming No. 1 overall pick.”

The Hawks could convince themselves to build around either one. With Murray, Atlanta’s runway would be a bit longer and the need to put a win-now roster around the point guard becomes less pressing because he’s under contract for longer He’s also much cheaper and offers a ton more value as a defender. Additionally, a Trae Young trade would, in theory, net the Hawks a lot more in return than Dejounte Murray.

The Hawks won’t move either just for the sake of making a trade, though, which is why this hypothetical from Bill Simmons is hilarious.

“But this is my favorite, Trae for Herro and [Duncan] Robinson and Miami’s pick in the draft. They’ll have to draft the guy and then trade him. And then their 29 unprotected first, and that’s the trade,” Simmons said.

Trae Young for Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, the 15th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, and their 2029 first-round pick, which essentially gives the Heat a big three of Trae, Bam, and Jimmy Buckets.

“You basically turn them into Herro and Robinson and some assets, and then if you’re Miami, you keep Butler. You have Bam, Trae, and Heat Culture—just the kind of guy who is a warrior,” Simmons added. “It would just seem like the kind of trade I’d be like, oh man, and then the more I look at him, I’m like, oh [expletive], that might actually have been a good trade for them. I don’t know why, but I like him in Miami for some reason.”

Yeah, I’m sure he loves it for the Heat because it benefits them the most. Miami comes out of this looking like they stole candy from a baby. Tyler Herro is a hell of a player that I love. He plays winning basketball, but this is a supplementary piece who is in the conversation for the Sixth Man of the Year award.

Trae Young is an All-NBA talent. Duncan Robinson and a couple of late first-round picks is insulting. But it’s Bill Simmons, so as Trae Young would say, we move.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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