A List of the Braves Arb-Eligible Players

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The 2nd post in a series of four will take a look at the Braves Arb-Eligible Players, their projections according to MLBTradeRumors, and make a prediction of who will stay and who will go. If you’re late to this series, here is part 1:

A Look at Guaranteed Dollars for 2022

Braves Arb-Eligible Players

Breakdown: As you can see, there’s a whole lot of bottlenecking going on here with many players becoming arb-eligible all at once. This pattern will continue for the foreseeable future as it’s just the nature of a rebuild. Let’s make some predictions on who will stay and who will go, shall we?

Braves Arb-Eligible Players: Who Stays?

Breakdown: Duvall declined his mutual option today. Fortunately for the Braves, Duvall is still arbitration eligible, and if the Braves want to keep him around, they can…and Alex Anthopoulos loves a one-year contract. The other question mark here is Richard Rodriguez, and I fully believe that the Braves want him back, but on a trial period. Luckily for them, arbitration salaries are not guaranteed, and if Rich-Rod cannot find himself in a post-sticky world, the Braves can release him in Spring Training and only pay a small portion of his salry.

Braves Arb-Eligible Players: Who Goes?

  • Grant Dayton – $1.2MM
  • Orlando Arcia – $2.1MM
  • Guillermo Heredia – $1.6MM
  • Johan Camargo – $1.4MM
  • Sean Newcomb – $900K

Breakdown:  Sean Newcomb is the wild card here, and maybe even Heredia, but I think it’s finally time for the Braves to let Newk see what he can do elsewhere, and with no options remaining, I’m sure that will happen. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a rebounding team try to trade for him early in the offseason and see if that elite arm can be fixed to throw strikes. The Braves could also negotiate a deal with Heredia that’s lower than the proposed $1.6MM, but my guess would be they want someone that has a little bit more pop off the bench.

Thanks for reading and look out for part 3 that should be dropping tomorrow!



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