Adrian Wojnarowski comments on Hawks rumors ahead of the draft

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Nobody is more plugged into the NBA world than Adrian Wojnarowski, and the NBA insider for ESPN recently went through all the rumors ahead of the NBA Draft on ESPN last night. The Hawks were obviously a focal point, as they’ve been linked to almost every trade rumor since the season ended. Everybody expects them to make significant changes, even Woj. Here’s what he had to say about the future in Atlanta:

If you’ve been closely following all of the Hawks rumors that have appeared over the last few weeks, Woj confirms a lot of them here.

We know Atlanta wants to desperately find a co-star to pair with Trae Young, even if that means moving on from John Collins, who appears to have one foot out of the door. He’s been the focal point of most trade rumors involving the Hawks, as seemingly every team has interest in acquiring him, and why wouldn’t they? Collins has been one of the most efficient players in the NBA for years now; however, from the Hawks’ perspective, he’s not the second star they need.

As far as untouchables go, Trae Young is obvious, but Woj is now one of several people to report that De’Andre Hunter is likely to stay in Atlanta this offseason. He’s up for a contract extension this summer, so that is something expected to happen before the start of the season.


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