Atlanta Falcons game by game predictions: Week 16

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As the Falcons’ season nears an end, they head to Arrowhead Stadium in what will undoubtedly be their toughest matchup of the year against the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. They will most likely be double-digit dogs in this contest, and it will take a herculean effort from Matt Ryan and the offense to keep pace, but we’ve seen that plenty of times over his career.

Chase Irle’s Prediction

The Falcons are amid a grueling stretch, featuring games against the Saints, Chargers, Buccaneers, and now Chiefs, with a lot of travel in between. Kansas City has the weapons to make Atlanta’s secondary look silly, and I expect that to happen throughout this game. The best hope the Falcons have to pull out a miracle win against the defending Super Bowl champions is if the Chiefs are resting their starters. There is a chance that could happen in the second to last week of the season, especially since now there is only one first-round bye. However, I cannot base my prediction on the Falcons getting lucky. If the Chiefs are at full strength, this is nearly an impossible spot for the Falcons to pull out a win, and while they may keep it close with their offense, Mahomes and company prove to be too much eventually.

Falcons 31, Chiefs 42

Record (8-7)

Jake Gordon’s Prediction

The Falcons pulled off a little magic against Kansas City’s opponent in the Super Bowl late in 2019 with a thrilling win against the Niners. The question is — can they do it again? There are some pretty staunch differences between SF and KC. It all starts with the quarterback position. Jimmy G is a serviceable starter, but Patrick Mahomes is already looking like an all-time great. Tyreek Hill must be accounted for at all times, and Kansas City has recently added the shifty Clyde Edwards-Helaire to their backfield. Also, like George Kittle, Travis Kelce is a walking mismatch. Kansas City isn’t as strong on defense, but Mahomes will have his way with this Falcons defense as they push for the playoffs.

Chiefs 49, Falcons 31

Record (8-6-1)

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