Atlanta Falcons game by game predictions: Week 7

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Following a tough road matchup at Minnesota, Atlanta comes back home to face their fourth and final NFC North foe, and it should be the easiest of the bunch. The Lions come into Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Week 7, hoping to turn things around after a miserable 2019, which saw their quarterback Matthew Stafford miss most of the season.

Chase Irle’s Prediction

I have the Falcons at 3-3 thus far, and with how difficult the schedule is to end the year, this is a must-win game at home, coming off a loss. Matt Patricia is entering his third year as the Lions head coach, and if things don’t turn around substantially, he will likely be on his way out. I don’t think this Detroit team will be nearly as bad as they were last year, especially with Matt Stafford returning. Desmond Trufant and rookie Jeff Okudah form a formidable cornerback duo, and they have some talent across the defensive line to cause some havoc. This won’t be a shoo-in, but the Falcons defense steps up, and the offense makes enough critical plays to win a game they absolutely must have to keep up in the playoff race.

Falcons 28, Lions 24

Record (4-3)

Jake Gordon’s Prediction

Matt Patricia might have the hottest seat in the NFL (besides Dan Quinn). With numerous reports and player accounts of him losing control of the locker room, he’s on his last leg. Unfortunately for him, he just lost his franchise player on defense, and his QB’s health is suspect at best. Detroit did add D’Andre Swift and Jeff Okudah during the draft, but it won’t be easy to replace what Darius Slay did for their defense. Old friend Desmond Trufant gets an INT off Matt Ryan, but the Falcons thump Detroit in one of their very few “easy” games in 2020.

Falcons 41, Lions 3

Record (5-2)

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