Atlanta tried to rob the Marlins with a trade that every Braves fan would love… twice

Marcell Ozuna Braves playoff roster

Jon Heyman had some very interesting notes about the Braves and Marlins today:

In this article, Heyman says that the Braves have TWICE tried to trade for Jorge Soler, and Marcell Ozuna would have been part of the return:

The Braves tried to reacquire World Series MVP Jorge Soler twice — once at the deadline (when they asked the Marlins to pay some of his $13M salary) and once over the winter. The Marlins declined one trade suggestion that would have sent Marcell Ozuna back to Miami.

(Their original trade of Ozuna to the Cardinals for Sandy Alcantara and Zac Gallen, who they traded for Jazz Chisholm, remains one of the best trades over the past quarter century).

No surprise the Marlins didn’t want Ozuna back due to his past more than performance. The Marlins did try a couple times for Eduardo Escobar. My guess: They can have him now if they like. …

The Marlins were pretty smart not to do this. For starters, Marcell Ozuna has been one of the worst players in all of baseball. Not only that but Jorge Soler is tied for 9th in the majors in home runs with a .977 OPS. Could you imagine this Braves lineup with that production instead of Ozuna? Both guys are on huge deals, but it’s clear Soler is actually living up to his contract this year.

This isn’t the first time the Braves tried to dump Marcell Ozuna either. The club also tried moving him for Patrick Corbin, which the Washington Nationals vehemently declined. That shows how low the Big Bear’s value is. I imagine his time running out, especially if he continues to bat at such a putrid level.

Of course, with the Astros coming up tonight, I have to post this one:

I imagine the Marlins hung up pretty quickly, but hey, you never know if you don’t ask…

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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