Pat Benson

Pat Benson

Pat Benson is a graduate of UTC. He works in sports radio and writing in the Chattanooga area. He periodically makes the trip to Atlanta to cover the Hawks and Braves in person, especially when the Lakers and Dodgers are in town.
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5 Potential future Hawks from NBA All-Star Weekend

The Atlanta Hawks are going to be a force in free agency this summer. They have an All-Star point guard on a rookie contract, plus plenty of cap space and flexibility. And I couldn’t help but notice how many talented players in the NBA All-Star festivities would make a good fit in Atlanta next season.

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Keep That Same Energy On Jeff Teague

Jeff Teague is not the point guard of the future for the Hawks. He may not even be the backup point guard of the future, given his mileage. The 31-year-old has played 11 seasons and logged nearly 21,000 minutes. Only eight other active point guards have been on the court that long. A lot of

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The worst year in league history. And the silver linings.

We are in the middle of what will go down as the worst year in league history. Not from a style perspective, or lack of competition. Rather in a more unlucky or snake-bit sort of way. Over the past eight months, the following events have taken place: – Kevin Durant tore his Achilles in the NBA

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Trae Young honored Kobe and Gigi the best way he knew how

No. Not like this. Dear God, please not like this. Like the rest of the basketball world, I haven’t stopped crying since the news broke yesterday afternoon. Somehow, the show went on, and the NBA didn’t cancel any games. Trae Young was so close to Kobe and his daughter Gigi. Twice this season, the Bryant’s

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Prioritizing the Hawks’ goals for this season

My hate for tanking is well documented. Chasing the ping-pong ball dragon is a dangerous way to run a franchise. Habitual losing breads bad habits for players and kills coaching careers. Now, after 44 games, the Hawks are tied with the Warriors for the best odds in the NBA Draft Lottery. For most of the

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Hawks hustle is lacking

“It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” said DJay and Skinny in the cinematic masterpiece Hustle and Flow. That same analogy can be applied to the NBA. The Hawks have adequate size but seemingly lack the fight. We are all aware of the

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Trae Young’s defense is improving. Haters.

NBA fans have a nasty habit of tearing down players rather than celebrating their greatness. Kobe? Inefficient. Lebron? Only three rings. Jordan? Played against garbagemen. L-O-L. The same goes for the current generation of players, and few receive more undeserved scrutiny than Trae Young. His journey is well-documented: out of this world hype at Oklahoma,

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Atlanta Hawks New Year’s Resolutions

Whew, what a year it has been for the Hawks. Injuries, a major suspension, and roster reconstruction were cause for a lot of losing. However, there have also been plenty of bright spots. Trae Young emerged as an All-Star, the front office has ultimate cap flexibility, and there are waves of rookies and draft picks

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Hawks: Trust in Coach Lloyd Pierce

Trust isn’t one of my best qualities. I trust most people the way Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes trusted Andre Rison. I say that to emphasize the faith I have in Coach Pierce. Starting 6-25 is usually enough to put a coach on the hot seat, but that shouldn’t be the case in this situation. The

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Hawks: Time to free DeAndre’ Bembry (again)

I always make a conscious effort not to second-guess coaches on their rotations and schemes. Lloyd Pierce knows infinitely more about basketball than I do. Also, I’m not at practice or in the film room with the team every single day. But with that being said, it’s time for the Hawks to free DeAndre’ Bembry

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