Bad news for Falcons fans hoping for Kirk Cousins

NFL: OCT 29 Vikings at Packers

The rumors surrounding the Falcons quarterback search are really beginning to heat up and that will only continue in the coming weeks at the NFL Combine with free agency looming.

There are multiple avenues the Falcons could potentially take, and from reports, it appears their most desirable one is moving up in the draft and landing one of the top quarterbacks. However, it takes two to tango, and it’s possible nobody at the top of the draft is interested in moving back. That’s why it’s imperative the Falcons must have a backup plan in place, which Raheem Morris addressed on Tuesday. 

The top backup plan for the Falcons if they can’t land one of their desired quarterbacks in the draft might be Kirk Cousins. He’s by far the best free agent quarterback set to hit the open market and fits Zac Robinson’s system like a glove. Overnight, the Falcons would become favorites in the NFC South. However, just like the top quarterbacks in the draft might not be an option for Atlanta, Kirk Cousins might not be available either.

According to Josh Kendall of The Athletic, it won’t be easy for any team to pry Cousins out of Minnesota, who hope to keep the veteran quarterback.

Like anything, money talks. The Vikings have a couple of key decisions to make this offseason. They’d surely love to keep Kirk Cousins around, but they also have the best receiver in the league, Justin Jefferson, looking for a new deal in which he hopes to reset the market.

Can they do both?

It’s possible, but if the Falcons whiff on their quarterback of choice in the draft and want to make a multi-year offer to Kirk Cousins, it’s going to make life very difficult for the Vikings. Atlanta has enough cap space this year and in the future to give Cousins whatever he desires.

Photographer: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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