Bobby Portis to the Hawks at Number 15?

  Bobby Portis is certainly a guy the Hawks will have their eyes on when they are finally on the clock on June 25th. Portis was selected as this year’s SEC Player of the Year. He averaged 17.5 points and 8.9 rebounds during his sophomore season at Arkansas. Portis uses his long wingspan and athleticism to make plays on both sides of the ball.He was dominant on both. He is strong inside, and can use his physicality to score and get rebounds. If he is available at pick number 15, he could be a perfect option for the Hawks.

The Hawks lack size. There are rumors that the 7 foot 3 inch Center, Edy Tavares, might come over from overseas to give the Hawks some size down low. However, he is still very young and the Hawks are in the position to win now. The biggest glaring weakness for the Hawks was their rebounding. Portis, who stands at 6’11”, would come in immediately and help fix that problem. Rebounding usually translates very well from the college game to the pro game, and Portis was a terrific rebounder in college. He is also a very skilled post player. He can score around the block with ease and bully smaller defenders. What makes Portis a possible perfect fit for the Hawks is his shot. In his freshman season at Arkansas, Portis only shot 27 percent from behind the arc. In his sophomore season, he shot almost 47 percent from behind the arc. He also showed the ability to nail mid-range jump shots. While Portis did not live or die by the three point shot, his vast improvement in his shooting touch should be enough to get Hawks fans salivating. The Hawks have some of the best staff in the NBA when it comes to player development, and Portis could thrive under the Hawks watch.

He is not the most athletic big man on the boards, but he plays hard every minute he is on the floor. He can make an immediate impact in the NBA as a defender. When watching tape, Portis’s defense catches the eye. He can make steals, block shots, and get out in transition. He averaged over a block and a steal a game in both of his years at Arkansas. For a big man, Portis handles the ball extremely well and passes the ball well. Several times on tape, Portis is not the guy finishing the ball on the break, but the guy making the right pass. The SEC has loads of talented basketball players. The Kentucky team might have a ridiculous 4 or 5 first round draft picks, including the number one overall pick. Despite all of that, it was Portis who was elected the best player in the SEC this year. He is an extremely skilled player that can make an immediate impact. Portis will help a NBA team on the boards immediately. He could blossom into a great low post threat as well. For a team like Atlanta, he can help down low as well as on the perimeter, which could create spacing.  If he is available for the Hawks, the Hawks should seriously consider snagging him.

Take a look at some of Bobby Portis’ Highlights here:

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