Braves’ A+ affiliate to play at new Spring Training facility

cooltoday park

Let alone the controversy surrounding the MLB trying to reduce the number of minor league teams; a lot has been up in the air with the Florida Fire Frogs this offseason.

After signing a three-year lease in Osceola County, the county opted to offer the Braves a $500,000 buyout from the remaining option years on the lease, deeming the Braves’ A+ affiliate homeless.

However, finding a new home was rather simple for the club. According to J.J. Cooper of Baseball America, the Fire Frogs will play the 2020 season at the Braves’ new Spring Training facility, CoolToday Park. The new facility is located in North Port, Florida. This will be a short-term fix for the team until the MLB concludes as to the future of minor league baseball, and in turn, the future of the Fire Frogs. If they are still intact in 2021, many believe the Braves prefer Cocoa Beach as a future location.

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