Braves acquire Eddie Rosario in exchange for Pablo Sandoval

Braves free agent targets: Eddie Rosario

The Braves have struck a deal with Cleveland, and although it may not be for Jose Ramirez, it’s a pretty good move for Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos.

Pablo Sandoval is loved in the clubhouse, but he had been performing very poorly at the plate for a few months, and it was time to say goodbye. Cleveland may end up releasing him.

Eddie Rosario isn’t the sexiest name, but he’s a rock-solid pickup. He’s a consistent hitter who generates many extra base hits, and I expect him to start for the Braves when he returns from injury. He can play a variety of positions, so he provides a lot of value there as well. This was a great trade for the Braves; as much as I will miss the Panda, Rosario is a massive upgrade.

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