Braves: Adam Duvall has arguably been the most clutch hitter in baseball in 2021

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Alex Anthopoulos made a good move when he got Adam Duvall back, as pretty much every fan was in agreement that non-tendering him was a mistake. Now, Duvall is a big part of a new-look Braves offense:

Duvall was torturing the Braves when he was in Miami this season, and thankfully, he has decided to start feasting on other Major League teams. One of the bigger issues that the Braves had earlier in the year was the inability to drive in runners in scoring position. Duvall has been a big part of that, as he just seems to come up with clutch hit after clutch hit for the Braves. RBIs can be a bit of a misleading stat, but you can’t deny that Duvall is producing with runners on base. I’m happy he’s back, and one thing is for sure — Alex Anthopoulos can’t make the same mistake twice when it comes to giving Duvall a contract.



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