Braves: Alex Anthopoulos comments on re-signing Marcell Ozuna

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Like last offseason with Josh Donaldson, there will be a ton of talk about Marcell Ozuna this winter and whether the Braves will re-sign the Dominican outfielder. Ozuna is coming off a career year — even if it was only 60 games — and will undoubtedly receive the long-term deal he was looking for this time last year. Whether it will be with the Braves, we will have to wait and see, which was the initial message general manager Alex Anthopoulos provided the fan base just days after being eliminated in the NLCS. Ozuna also penned a nice post for Braves fans after midnight last night.

If you’ve followed the Braves long enough, especially under Alex Anthopoulos, you already knew this answer was coming before the question was even asked.

Obviously, the Braves would love to have Marcell Ozuna back in Atlanta. However, money and long-term contracts have always been a factor with this team ever since Liberty Media took over. That’s not going to change anytime soon, especially amid a pandemic, when business has been abysmal for essentially everybody.

The Braves have several high priorities that must be accomplished this offseason. I would imagine re-signing Ozuna is near the top of that list. He was an offensive juggernaut in 2020 and an even better fit in the clubhouse. However, he’s looking to get PAID this offseason. Anthopoulos has shown that he is not willing to overpay — no matter the player — which is the necessary approach when you are the GM of the Braves.

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