Braves: Andruw Jones is somehow left out of the Hall of Fame again

Apparently, being the best defensive player at your position isn’t enough these days, as Andruw Jones is inexplicably not voted into the Hall of Fame again. I’m just gonna barf some stats onto my screen, and you can draw your own conclusions — to me, there’s no excuse. If Ozzie Smith was inducted, Andruw should be in too — Ozzie never hit 400+ home runs. Credit to @HOFJones for these statistics; they’re doing the lord’s work. Check out the page for updates.

  • 2nd all-time in winning a gold glove, notching at least 250 total bases (9)
  • 234.7 DRS, 50 more than Mays
  • All-time leader in seasons leading the outfield in dWAR (4)
  • All-time leader in seasons ranking top ten all-time in dWAR (9)
  • All-time leader in outfield putouts (492)
  • All-time leader in seasons with 25 home runs, 1.0 dWAR (10)
  • Braves record for most home runs in a season (51)
  • 11th all-time in defensive value (via Fangraphs), the only player more valuable on offense was Cal Ripken Jr.
  • Became the youngest player to hit a home run in postseason history and youngest to 300 HRs
  • For 10 years spanning 1997-2007, only Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez had a higher WAR. He averaged 34 home runs and 103 RBIs while winning ten straight gold gloves.
  • There have been two seasons in baseball history with 25 HRs, 24 SBs, and a dWAR of at least 3. Both belong to Andruw Jones.


Hey, credit to Andruw; he just smiles & moves on even though there is no reason for him not to be inducted. It seems his vote count is steadily rising, so hopefully, some of these old cranks who still look at batting average come to their senses sooner rather than later.

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