Braves: Atlanta targeting Dominican Shortstop Ambioris Tavarez

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Atlanta is almost out of timeout for the penalties enforced by Rob Manfred regarding signing international players, and Alex Anthopoulos has his eyes on a big prize.


Before I talk about Tavarez, I still want to give a shoutout to Coppy. He never snitched on this team, and that’s why Major League Baseball came down so hard on Atlanta. John Hart sang like a canary, but Coppy stood tall and took his punishment like a man. Anyways, onto Ambioris Tavarez.

Considering the Braves forfeited $500,000 of international pool money when they signed Marcell Ozuna last season, Tavarez is likely one of the only international free agents Atlanta will be able to afford — that’s okay with me. Obviously, scouting reports on Dominican teenagers can be tough to find, but scouts rave over Tavarez’s bat speed and advanced raw power at such a young age. He has a cannon of an arm, so he may be moving to third base if he continues to grow at the rate he does. I’m doing a piece shortly updating Atlanta’s restrictions being lifted going forward.

Tavarez can officially be signed by Atlanta starting tomorrow, January 15th.



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