Braves: Baseball is on its way back!

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While I’ve long been on the players’ side during this whole debacle between billionaires arguing with millionaires about money, today’s rejection by the players of the MLB’s 60-game schedule at over 100% of the pro-rated salaries that the two sides agreed on back in March makes me shake my head at everyone. Baseball had the chance to be at the forefront of sports returning in this country, something people desperately needed during these trying times. This debacle has not only prevented that from happening, but it also has left a sour taste in the mouths of fans everywhere — no matter how obsessed with baseball one might be. 

Cincinnati Reds All-Star pitcher, Trevor Bauer — who has managed to be a voice of reason throughout this entire mess — said it best when he tweeted yesterday, “It’s absolute death for this industry to keep acting as it has been. Both sides. We’re driving the bus straight off a cliff. How is this good for anyone involved? Covid 19 already presented a lose lose lose situation and we’ve somehow found a way to make it worse. Incredible.”

Bauer’s exactly right. This whole process has been an embarrassment from start to finish, and everyone involved should shoulder a piece of the blame. However, despite all this ridiculousness, there will be baseball in 2020, as long as COVID-19 allows for it. Following the players’ rejection of Major League Baseball’s proposal, the league released a statement that clubs have voted to implement a 60-game season under the terms of their March 26th agreement. All we need now to proceed is for the players to co-sign, agreeing to show up to camp no later than July 1st, and agree to the operating manual containing the protocols necessary to give the league the best chance of completing the season and postseason. 

In simpler terms, baseball is coming back, and Spring Training should begin once the calendar turns to July or perhaps, even before. However, who knows how this lack of an agreement will affect negotiations on a new CBA next year. If there are any other positives, several players reportedly respect the league’s decision to keep the season sixty games long. Many were expecting it to be somewhere around ten games shorter or to have no season at all. Hopefully, that will cool down talks when they begin next offseason. 

The regular season is expected to start somewhere between July 24th-26th. There still will be a universal DH this year since that was a part of the agreement in March; however, there will not be one in 2021. Although, I do expect that to change permanently once the new CBA is agreed upon. We will keep you updated with more details, but finally, we can say baseball is back. Let’s just hope COVID-19 stays away long enough for there to be a completed season. 



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