Braves bring back Jesse Chavez following his release

Jesse Chavez Braves

I’ve talked about it several times over the last week, but Jesse Chavez is meant to be with the Braves, and the team did the right thing by adding him back after the Angels released him.

The situation is one of the most peculiar things I’ve ever covered. With the Braves over the last two seasons, Jesse Chavez has been one of the more dominant relievers in all of baseball. But for some reason, the Braves keep getting rid of him, and then he goes to another organization and looks like a pitcher that should have retired years ago.

Chavez has played for three teams already this season, and here are his stats with each one.

Cubs: 5.2 innings, 6.35 ERA, 5.42 FIP

Braves: 38.1 innings, 2.11 ERA, 2.55 FIP

Angels: 10.2 innings, 7.59 ERA, 4.81 FIP

It doesn’t make much sense, but hopefully, Jesse Chavez’s success can continue in a Braves uniform. I was disappointed when he was traded. He was a tremendous asset both on and off the field for Atlanta, and I’m glad he’s back where he belongs for the stretch run and the playoffs. Expect to see him on the active roster sometime this week.

Photo: John Adams/Icon Sportswire

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