Braves: Centerpiece in trade for Raisel Iglesias released by Angels

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The Angels GM is getting a lot of praise this afternoon for deciding to stick with Ohtani and going for it. It sounds nice now, but when the Angels fail to make the playoffs and Ohtani walks for nothing, it will be a disaster, especially since the team is giving up what’s left of their farm system in order to appease Ohtani rather than rebuild.

The Angels are one of the most incompetent organizations in all of sports. They do almost nothing right, particularly when it comes to trades and developing pitchers.

Last season, the Halos sent the Braves Raisel Iglesias for Tucker Davidson and Jesse Chavez. Iglesias went on to have a dominant second half in Atlanta and is currently the team’s closer. Chavez struggled in Los Angeles, like all of their pitchers, and was released, only for the Braves to swoop in and sign him. He finished the year spectacularly in Atlanta, re-signed with the team this past offseason, and owns a career-low 1.51 ERA this season.

Has there ever been a 2-for-1 trade, where the best two players in the deal ended up with the team who only acquired one player? That’s how incompetent the Angels are, and now, Tucker Davidson has been released after posting a 6.72 ERA with the team over two seasons.

I’ll always remember Davidson as a 2021 World Series champion, and I’m not even going to blame him for his recent failures. The Angels are where pitchers go to die. They are allergic to developing talent in that area. Hopefully, Davidson can catch on somewhere and have success. In fact, I know a team that could take a flier on another starting pitcher.

How wild would it be if Raisel Iglesias, Jesse Chavez, and Tucker Davidson all ended up on the Braves less than a year after they were traded for each other? It’s not even far-fetched, and it shows just how incompetent the Angels are. Ohtani needs to run as fast as possible this offseason. We don’t need another star dying with the Halos.

Photo: Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire

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