Braves: Could an unexpected pitching prospect be the next man up in Atlanta?

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The Braves have had a fantastic bullpen in 2022, which becomes an incredible weapon if the offense can put up 4-5 runs. Starting pitching has been a minor sore spot at times, but Atlanta can typically get a good effort out of most of their guys. Mike Soroka is close to returning, so unless injury strikes, it’s unlikely any big calls are made from Gwinnett. However, if a pitcher is brought up, could it be a surprise? I’ve got my eye on Nolan Kingham.

Kingham was selected in the 12th round of the 2018 draft. For most of his minor league career, he has been fairly consistent, and he has had a fantastic 2022 season, posting a 0.84 WHIP in AAA. He’s not a guy who’s going to strike out a ton of guys, but he gives his team some good innings and limits his walks — only issuing five in 37 innings. When you have an offense and bullpen like Atlanta’s, Kingham seems like a picture perfect fifth starter.

I hope the Braves don’t need another arm soon, but it would be an interesting idea to give Kingham a shot over someone that needs more time in AAA before coming back up to Atlanta again — like Tucker Davidson or Huascar Ynoa.

Photo: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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