Braves DFA Juan Jaime, Call Up Sugar Ray Marimon



After he cost them the game in Sunday’s 4-3 loss to the Mets, Juan Jaime was designated for assignment by Atlanta. Jaime was brought in during a tie game situation, but walked two consecutive batters, leading to the game-deciding run. While Jaime has a ton of velocity, his lack of control has cost him his roster spot. He struggled last season during his time in Atlanta as well, as he posted 5.84 ERA in 16 appearances. Jaime has to address his serious control issues if he ever wants to ensure a permanent spot in a major league bullpen. The Braves have called up Sugar Ray Marimon, who signed with the organization this winter. Marimon, who is a righty, spent time in the Royals organization as a starter, and posted 3.20 ERA last season across Rookie, AA, and AAA ball. The 26-year old rookie from Colombia will occupy the long relief role for Atlanta.

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