Braves: Did Charlie Morton just hint at retirement?

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Earlier in the week, it was reported by Buster Olney of ESPN that the Braves have begun discussions internally regarding Charlie Morton‘s option.

I don’t consider this earth shattering news. This is probably something Alex Anthopoulos has been thinking about all season, and I also don’t believe it’s much of a discussion. If Charlie Morton wants to continue playing baseball, the Braves are likely going to pick up his option.

Morton’s been spectacular for the Braves this season. There have been some bumps in the road, but the entire body of work has been impressive, and there’s nothing — as far as his stuff goes — that suggests he is slowing down. Charlie Morton has aged like a fine wine, and even though he’s approaching 40, his fastball has as much life as ever and his curveball might be the nastiest pitch in all of baseball. He can still pitch at a high level, and the Braves need as much rotation help as possible going into next season.

However, the issue isn’t whether or not the Braves want Charlie Morton back, it has more to do with whether Morton wants to play another season. Earlier in the season, the 39-year-old had this to say about continuing to play past this year.

“I went into this year thinking that I wanted to go home,’” Morton said. “That was my mentality, but I can’t have that mentality right now. I’m trying to win a World Series. I don’t want to think about either retiring or keeping going. Frankly, it’s kind of exhausting to think about next year in any shape or form. My attitude is that I’m going to carry the good parts of my year into the offseason. Then it’s up to me.”

That sounds like a seasoned veteran that is about ready to call it quits, even if his body will still allow him to pitch. And last night, after the Braves clinched their sixth straight division title, Morton seemed like he was just about ready to proclaim this run to the World Series his last dance.

See for yourself:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is Charlie Morton’s last season, especially if he goes out on top with another World Series. He’s accomplished everything possible in this game, and his career arc is as unique as ever. It’s just a hunch, but one thing I will guarantee is the Braves will be his final team, whether he decides to play another season or not.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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