Braves: Former teammate Charlie Culberson backs the Yasiel Puig signing

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Most Braves fans seem fond of the recent Yasiel Puig signing. However, some have been a bit hesitant given his antics and what some of his former teammates have said about him, but Charlie Culberson isn’t one of those former teammates.

In an interview yesterday, Culberson was asked about the signing, and he had some fond words to say about Puig, who was his locker room neighbor while they were in Los Angeles.

He also said most of the people rubbed the wrong way by Puig are on the opposing team because of his style of play, which everyone can agree is unique.

Puig is a no-nonsense type of player, and perhaps that is just what the Braves need. I remember when Jack Flaherty nailed Acuña in Game 5 of the NLDS, which was already well out of hand in favor of the Cardinals. The Braves sat back and watched. Puig isn’t the kind of guy who will let that fly; just look at these pictures.

Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I think Puig will fit in Atlanta just fine. The Braves are filled with exuberant personalities just like Puig, and they all have one goal in mind — winning. Alex Anthopoulos was the Vice President of Baseball Operations when Puig was there; he signed off of this. Charlie Clutch had a locker right next to him; he’s signing off on it. The addition of Puig could be just what this Braves offense needs to put them over the top.


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